Executive Coaching Services

Is there a promotion in your future?

Throughout my years of executive coaching, I have worked with hundreds of men and women helping them successfully advance their careers, land a new role, gain promotions, and make more money.

Successful results are achieved through the McKinnon Executive Coaching’s proven strategy.  It is the foundation of your career advancement and your future.

Individual Coaching

Work 1:1 with Maureen to uncover strategies to advance your executive career and increase your salary.

Corporate Coaching

McKinnon Executive Coaching partners with your organization and supports the women in leadership to thrive.

Public Speaking

Maureen delivers powerful, insightful speeches and presentations that motivate individuals and teams.

Individual Executive Coaching Services

Let McKinnon Executive Coaching help you transform from a limiting mindset to a talented mindset. McKinnon Executive Coaching is the bridge between where you are in your career and where you want to be.

Based on past clients’ results, here’s what you can expect:


  • Increase in compensation from 10% – 35%
  • Learn unwritten rules, behaviors and actions required for promotion
  • Make a bigger impact and increase your job satisfaction
  • Stand out as you gain executive presence

The McKinnon Executive Coaching Promotion Strategy Ladder 

Our proprietary promotion strategy can be broken down into 3 independent phases, with each phase being a separate coaching commitment, lasting 6-8 months. Which phase is the right starting place for you? Take our Promotion Readiness Assessment to find out.

Promotion Readiness Assessment

Build Confidence – Identify Your Competitive Advantage and Create Your Value Proposition Statement

Gain Credibility – Build Strategic Relationships to Increase Your Credibility

Increase Visibility – Increase Your Visibility to Decision Makers

Individual Executive Coaching Packages Available:

Executive Coaching - Customized Individual One-on-One

This is our most popular offering! We determine where you are starting based on the phases found in the Promotion Strategy Ladder and where you want to go. The Promotion Readiness Assessment helps us identify the areas where you are strong and the areas where we need to focus to up level your knowledge and skill set. Then we create a personalized 6 – 12 Month Action Plan using coaching, resources and tools to help you advance your career and get promoted!

Package Available: Individual One-One Coaching (Minimum 6 months)

Are you ready to get promoted?

Executive Coaching - Talented Leader

If you’re looking to strengthen your management skills and work with an experienced business confidante who supports you as you navigate the day-to-day of your current position , this coaching package is for you! The Talented Leader Executive Coaching program helps you maximize your unique leadership capabilities, grow your strengths, develop your people management skills, enhance your executive presence and get you promoted!

Package Available: Individual One-One Coaching (Minimum 6 months)

* Online Courses Coming Soon! Check back for details.

Corporate Coaching

Tapping into the needs of larger businesses and corporations, McKinnon Executive Coaching partners with women leaders in your organization to support them in their current roles and on their leadership development career path helping to align strategy, culture and leadership.

This program is confidential for the benefit of the participants. Coaching sessions occur every 2 weeks.

How we provide support:

Assess strengths and weaknesses
Plan and implement strategy
Act as a Sounding Board
Offer new perspectives, experience and advice
Help clarify professional goals
Create an action plan for reaching these goals
Accountability for achieving these goals

Expected Results:

More effective leadership
Enhanced strategic thinking
Heightened emotional intelligence
More engaged and committed team members
Stronger EXECUTIVE presence
Enhanced confidence
Greater resilience and agility
Improved job satisfaction and performance

Email and phone support is available during the entire coaching program. “Progress Check-Ins” at 3 months and 6 months after the coaching program is completed.

Package Available: One-One Coaching with up to 8 managers/leaders (Minimum one year)

Public Speaking

An insightful and powerful speaker, Maureen offers her professional speeches and presentations to organizations, conferences, corporations and nonprofit groups.

Maureen combines 25 years of senior business experience with her understanding of career advancement and professional networks to deliver impactful messages for professionals and executives at all levels of their career.

Presenting complex psychological patterns in easily understandable, actionable pieces, Maureen is a sought after speaker who resonates with and deeply cares about her audience.

She is excited to offer her public speaking services to share experience and insights to motivate your team and propel careers.

Signature Presentations

McKinnon Executive Coaching Promotion Strategy

Career Climbers –
Own Your Promotion

There is a strong business case for improving gender diversity. Empirical evidence shows that diverse teams produce stronger outcomes.

Various research studies have demonstrated that organizations with a critical mass of women in senior management perform better across a range of performance markers than organizations with less gender diversity in senior management.

We also know that it takes more than just smarts and raw talent to excel. Throughout her years of Executive Coaching, Maureen has worked with hundreds of women helping them successfully advance their careers.

The results are achieved through the McKinnon Executive Coaching Promotion Strategy, a proven process that creates the foundation for career advancement.

The typical length of this presentation is 60 minutes and can be customized in both length and scope based on the needs of the company.

In this signature presentation, Maureen will guide your high potential women through 3 distinct phases:

  • Building rock solid confidence, the cornerstone of the foundation
  • Gaining credibility by building strategic relationships within the organization
  • Increasing visibility so that decision makers know who they are and the results they deliver

Following this presentation, your team will:

  • Gain knowledge about the “unwritten rules”, the informal, unspoken criteria for promotion
  • Understand the mind shift/transformation necessary to move up in their career
  • Learn how to build a support network of allies and champions
  • Discover how to read the corporate landscape and thrive

Building Your Talent Leadership Mindset for Results

An essential foundation of leadership is self-awareness – to know yourself.

Research confirms the direct relationship between leader self-awareness and organizational financial performance.

Self-awareness is the most crucial developmental breakthrough for accelerating personal leadership growth and authenticity.

Acquiring the Talented Leader Mindset© is an absolute belief in your ability to lead, inspire, motivate and assist team members to reach their full potential and communicate your vision for the future.

The real key to profit is working well with other people. Your main job as the leader is to deliver
corporate results through other people.

Following this presentation, you will:

  • Understand the foundation to your talented leader is self awareness
  • Gain clarity on articulating clearly and passionately who you are as a leader
  • Discover why you should know your leadership style and your people philosophy
  • Understand that a leader can be a lonely role and learn how to build support externally

Uncovering Your Secret Key to Success:  Your Network

Who do you know and who knows you?

Passionate about helping professionals, Maureen dedicates this presentation to teaching the incalculable value of a professional network, also known as “social capital”.

Research shows that people who have a strong network tend to receive larger bonus payments, find better jobs, receive higher overall performance evaluations and get promotions earlier in their careers.

Strategically developing your network increases your access to resources, time, and the right people to achieve your goals. The added bonus is that your professional network is a “portable asset” that moves with you as part of your value proposition.

Following this presentation, you will:

  • Understand social capital and the benefits to you
  • Learn to assess your professional network
  • Identify your support network and strategically build both internally & externally
  • Gain an understanding of your “portable asset” and what this means to your value.

Maureen Is Honoured To Have Spoken To Many Audiences, Including: