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Invest in Yourself. Transform Your Career Mindset. Get Promoted.

McKinnon Executive Coaching guides women executives & professionals to find their voice, advance their careers, and get promoted.

  • You have been asking yourself how to move forward in your career and you’re stuck.
  • You are unsure how you can best influence your own career trajectory.
  • You need help navigating the “big picture”.
  • You are ready to take on new challenges, more responsibility, a larger team, and a bigger budget.
  • You want to get promoted.

Individual Coaching

Work 1:1 with Maureen to uncover strategies to advance your executive career and increase your salary.

Corporate Coaching

McKinnon Executive Coaching partners with your organization and supports the women in leadership to thrive.

Public Speaking

Maureen delivers powerful, insightful speeches and presentations that motivate individuals and teams.

You want a promotion, you want a raise, and you want to make an impact.

Hello, I’m Maureen McKinnon, an Executive Leadership Coach and a career advocate for women in leadership roles.

My mission is to increase the number of women in leadership to help balance leadership gender equity! That’s why I started McKinnon Executive Coaching.

We help professionals, like you, gain clarity on unique strengths and relevant achievements to determine the “true value” of what you bring to an organization. Then, we help you to communicate clearly and passionately your competitive edge and value proposition to key decision makers.


McKinnon Executive Coaching provides the guidance for your career journey, building the bridge between where you are now and where you want to be.

In other words, we help you gain confidence, get promoted and make more money!

Our proprietary process focuses on the key stages you need to go through to get promoted, following the steps outlined in the McKinnon Promotion Strategy Ladder™.

Carol P.

Maureen is committed to your success and her coaching style brings focus, clarity and accountability to the table. I highly recommend “Maureen’s method” as time well invested and I will continue to use what I’ve learned from Maureen’s coaching for years to come.

Nicole D.

One thing I specifically appreciated about working with Maureen is that she has an ability to see strengths and weaknesses in people that they often can’t see or articulate for themselves.

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