About Maureen

“Knowing Yourself is the Basis of All Wisdom” (Aristotle)

A lifelong advocate for women in leadership roles, Maureen’s mission is help women get promoted, make more money and help them thrive!

“My mission is to increase the number of women in leadership to help balance leadership gender equity! I see this as my BIG Vision.

The way that I accomplish the BIG Vision is helping women get promoted, make more money and help them thrive!”

Maureen is an executive coach, author, speaker, natural teacher, mentor, cheerleader, and a passionate advocate for professional women. She possesses a natural ability to understand human dynamics and her consultative approach helps Maureen to easily build rapport and trust and maintain solid relationships with clients and professionals.

Twenty years ago, Maureen started a recruiting firm where she assisted candidates with landing a new job by sourcing out employers who were looking to fill roles in their companies. They successfully placed 150 people annually into new positions.

Since then, Maureen has worked directly with over 1000 local and global employers, gaining invaluable insight into the hiring and promotion decision making process. This knowledge is instrumental in giving Maureen a deep understanding of how women professionals can maximize their unique leadership capabilities, develop their people management skills, and enhance their executive presence.

In addition to the recruitment company, Maureen’s businesses have included executive leadership coaching, business consulting, training, real estate and insurance. In fact, all of her businesses have been based on helping people have better lives. Maureen genuinely cares about others and her passion lies in helping them succeed.

Maureen has a Masters of Science in Management, a Masters of Science in Financial Services, Certified Executive Coach, Certified Business Coach, and has been an instructor with Langara College Continuing Studies.

Maureen enjoys CFL football, BC Lions games, reading, networking, social events, dancing, travel, spending time with family and friends, and fun!

Carol P.

Maureen is an incredible coach! She is a catalyst who is committed to helping you achieve your professional and personal goals.

Nicole D.

I learned something new every day while working with Maureen. She always has valuable bits of information, advice, and stories! The role of teacher comes very naturally to her.

Marie-Josee B.

Working with Maureen, three promotions later, my salary and total compensation have increased by more than 50%.

Frank N.

Maureen is an absolute joy to work with because she is always positive, supportive, has a great can-do attitude and makes things happen with superior results.

The Day that Changed My Life

The day that changed my life was Friday, Oct. 24th, 2014. I was attending a “first of its kind” event in Vancouver co-hosted by the WEB Alliance, a collective of over 25 women’s business networks in BC, The Vancouver Board of Trade and the Premier’s Women’s Economic Council (PWEC). The event, BC Economic Forum: “Women as a Catalyst for Growth.”

The Catalyst Research Report clearly demonstrated the impact of women leaders as  catalysts for growth and profitability. According to Catalyst’s Bottom Line study, “companies with more women board directors outperform those with the fewest by 66 percent return on invested capital, 53 percent return on equity and 42 percent return on sales”.

McKinnon Executive Coaching - The day that changed my life

The report also showed that while women make up an almost equal percentage of the workforce, the numbers for women in CEO and Senior Executive roles were staggeringly low, numbers that hold true today.

It was at that moment I decided to commit myself and my work to helping women advance their careers. My life direction had been changed and McKinnon Executive Coaching was born.

Passionate About Volunteering – How It All Started

I have been supporting women’s empowerment for the past 20 years in both my work and personally through volunteering. My journey started twenty years ago, when I decided to join the Vancouver Board of Trade (VBOT) and volunteer for one of the board’s committees.

The committee that intrigued me most was the new Leaders of Tomorrow Mentorship Program (LOT). I believed in the program so much, I was a business mentor and a part of the executive committee for over seven years, serving two years as Chair.

Since that time, I have been involved with over 12 women’s groups, inspired regularly by those who choose to serve. Volunteering has enhanced my life. I’ve met thousands of great people, had many wonderful experiences and attended hundreds of fabulous events.

“As you grow older, you’ll discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others” – Audrey Hepburn

My Canadian Football (CFL) Journey

One of my most unique experiences ever was in the summer of 2004 when I was invited to sit at the head table for a VBOT event. The event was the Kickoff Luncheon for the BC Lions CFL Football Season, and the head table was located on the 50-yard line at BC Place.

Sitting at the table was the legendary B.C. Lions General Manager, Bobby Ackles and B.C. Lions Head Coach Wally Buono along with a list of other accomplished sports executives and industry leaders. Having grown up with four sports-loving brothers, I knew who Bobby and Wally were.

During the luncheon they started talking about the BC Lions Waterboys. I wasn’t sure who they were and I asked if there were only men in the group.  They said they have one woman.  I then asked if I could join. That’s how I became the second woman Waterboy.  Being involved as a part of the BC Lions Waterboys group is how I got hooked on the BC Lions and the CFL.

I have volunteered for the 2011 and 2014 Grey Cup Festivals as the Chair Volunteer Orientation & Training committee, and I have delivered the training for the 750 volunteers.

In additional to the Grey Cup Festivals, I have volunteered with the BC Junior Football Association, as a Director with Langley Rams Junior Football team and with CFL initiatives.

I continue to be a proud active member of the BC Lions Waterboys and a passionate BC Lions & CFL football fan.  Ask me how many football games I’ve attended!  To learn more see my book.