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SHINE Volume 4: Inspirational Stories of Choosing Success Over Adversity

“From my own experience talking with hundreds of talented women, it breaks my heart to meet so many women who don’t “see” the talented professional that I “see” when talking with them. It doesn’t seem to matter what role level or years of experience they have. They need help to transform the self- limiting mindset into what I coined “talent mindset.”

“My definition of a Talent Mindset is the absolute belief (deep in your bones) in yourself, your talents, the value you bring and the results you deliver. Building rock-solid confidence in yourself is the cornerstone of career advancement. It all starts with you.

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What people are saying about the book

An impactful and dedicated community champion and a life and career well spent in the service of others are the two main takeaways after reading, “A Mission to Advance Women in the Workplace” written by B.C. based Executive Coach, Maureen McKinnon.

Maureen’s mission statement is clear and direct: to help more women gain leadership roles to balance gender equity in corporate leadership. Drawing from her own successful career journey as the backdrop, Maureen is a sage and savvy guide, taking us on a journey of helping woman overcome barriers and challenges to their own success. Based on Maureen’s vast experience and her proven methodology, it’s easy to see that Maureen is uniquely positioned to fulfill her mission.

Whether it’s Maureen’s deeply entrepreneurial roots, her intuitive and dedicated coaching style or her unwavering allegiance to the BC Lions football team, learning about Maureen’s diverse path and executive coaching process is well worth the read.

Bottom line: she’s been there, she’s done that and she gets results! I highly recommend this book for anyone on a career journey looking for an ally or champion to move them forward.

M. A. D.

What a wonderful collection of celebrated stories in finding strength in adversity.

Each author beautifully takes you through a very deep and personal journey as they describe worst of their life and then finishing with a continued journey of how they found strength and courage to take take charge of their life again.

I celebrated with each and everyone them and am left with each triumph having a wonderful impact on me.

Whole Mumma

There are many inspiring and useful takeaways. The stories make me feel grateful for what I have. I admire the people who put so much time to write about their lives. There are some painful parts but they share how they coped, and how they are moving forward. It truly is inspiring to read and anyone will find something inspiring to take away.

Kerry L

There is always hope. This book is full of stories from people who have hit rock bottom, felt completely lost, and questioned how to move forward. Whether they were battling addiction, facing uncertainty in their chosen career or struggling with great loss, they’ve shown that the end of one thing leads to the beginning of another. I’m grateful for people willing to share how they moved through their moments of despair and back into an abundant life.


This book got better as I read it. The first chapter had be questioning reading the rest but I followed through. Every other story resonated with me and gave me a feeling that I wasn’t alone in any of the things I’ve been struggling with. Some stories were written with more connection to the reader than others. Love the underlying theme of listening to your intuition, being present, and accepting being a spirit having a human experience. Helped give me permission to tackle my struggles and show up fully.

Annalise DuSell

Books I Support

It’s Not Them, It’s You!

Why Employees “Break Up” With Their Managers and What To Do About It

By Laura Sukorokoff

Why do people quit their jobs? Not surprisingly, about half the people who quit do so because of their managers. The average cost of employee turnover in a company can be up to two times an employee’s yearly salary. High employee turnover is also costly to morale, the customers’ experience, and the overall revenue of a business.

So, how can managers retain and engage their employees? The answer is simpler than might be expected. Ultimately, employees do not stay at their jobs because of fancy perks, costly value-adds, or even super-high salaries. They stay because they feel their manager respects them. And respect costs a manager nothing but a relatively small investment of time.

In this book, you will learn the seven steps to solving retention and engagement issues in the workplace, with RESPECT at their core.

First Impressions Dressing for Impact.

By Patti Morrison

In First Impressions, Patti explains how changing the way you dress will change the way people see you in life and in the workplace. Your appearance affects how you think about yourself, how you act and how others respond to you. The reality is that looking your best will have an incredible impact on your personal, business and financial success. I highly recommend this book!