Over the last few months we’ve focused on developing your network, your self confidence and now we are pulling it all together to help you advance your career and understand how the McKinnon Executive Coaching Promotion Strategy works for you.

We went to our coaching expert, Maureen McKinnon to go back to why she started her executive coaching company. The day that changed Maureen’s life and motivated her to start her company was when she attended the BC Economic Forum: Women as a Catalyst for Growth in 2014. 

During the conference, the Catalyst Research Report on Canadian Women in Business results was shared, and the report revealed the following statistics:

Women make up 47% of the Canadian labour force, 35% of Management positions, 18% of Senior Officers, 15% of Board Members, and only 5.3% of CEO’s.

Maureen was stunned and almost in tears after hearing these statistics as she realized the stark reality. We, as women, had not moved the gender equity in leadership very far in the last 15 plus years.  

She then decided to pivot her company from working with entrepreneurs to working with talented ambitious professional women to reach their full potential and advance their career and lives. Her mission was to help balance gender equity in corporate leadership roles.  

After a few months of research, Maureen identified three barriers to women’s career advancement that she could help women overcome.

  1. Self-limiting Mindset
  2. Lack of Sponsorship, Advocacy, Champions and Role Models
  3. Less access to Critical Roles and Experience

With the research results, Maureen created the McKinnon Executive Coaching Promotion Strategy to offer solutions, tools, worksheets and resources to overcome the barriers and assist women to advance their careers successfully.

The McKinnon Executive Coaching Promotion Strategy is made of up three stages: Confidence, Credibility and Visibility.

Let’s dive deeper into each stage to help you understand how the strategy works to advance your career. 

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Develop Your Confidence With A Talent Mindset

One of the barriers you may face is a self-limiting mindset such as the imposter syndrome, second-guessing decisions or lack of confidence.

To overcome this barrier, you will go through one of our phases where you will shift from the self-limiting mindset to the “Talent Mindset,” which is the absolute belief in your talents, the value you bring and the results you deliver.

Next, you will identify your Competitive Advantage – your clear advantage over other candidates such as your unique strengths, experience, knowledge, education, professional network, and relevant achievements.

Finally, you will learn how to describe the value you bring to the business in terms of results, and how you do it differently and better than others. You will develop your Value Proposition Statement.

With your shift to a Talent Mindset, you’ll stand out as you gain executive presence, be more confident, optimistic, speak out more, share your achievements, and share your ideas. You’ll learn to be your own advocate and promote your results to the decision makers.

Gain Your Credibility by Building Strategic Relationships

Building strategic relationships and a professional network is an important cornerstone to your career advancement. Strategically developing your network increases your credibility in your organization, offers access to resources and connects you to the right people to help you achieve your goals.

With a network of supporters, you’ll be more successful in your day-to-day role, have advocates to help you sell your ideas across the organization and promote you for new opportunities. They are your allies and champions.

To develop your credibility and network, we start by assessing your current network, identifying your supporters in the workplace, and researching connections to add to your network.

Next, you will build and implement your personalized strategies for creating and nurturing those desired strategic relationships.

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Increase Your Visibility to Decision Makers

Finally tying it all together once you’ve gained confidence and built a strategic professional network, we focus on helping you increase visibility in your organization. 

Many professionals have encountered the scenario where they lost a great opportunity to someone less qualified, and feel hopeless about it. The solution is to increase visibility to the decision makers in the organization. We will start by observing and reading the political landscape in your organization. From the observations, we will create customized visibility strategies to raise your profile at your workplace.

When you increase your visibility, people will know who you are and what you can do, and they will be more likely to consider you for interesting assignments or promotions.

Finishing Up With Results from Clients

We wanted to share some results from clients in hopes that it will inspire you to achieve your goals with the McKinnon Executive Coaching Promotion Strategy. 

Here’s the first one from Kyla, who got a job interview for a job she never applied for, but wanted. After the interview process, she was offered the role with a salary increase of 20%.

Another amazing result is from Helen, who saw a job posting that was ‘written’ for her. She applied with a tailored resume and cover letter, and got the job, a promotion and a salary increase of 20%.

Finally, we’d like to share Chantel’s results. After four promotions, her salary and compensation increased from $60,000 as a Team Lead to $150,00 as the Director of Operations in a global company.

For more inspiration from other women who also achieved great results with our strategy, read more of our client testimonials. 

It is possible for you to gain your desired career goals and help balance the  gender equity in leadership roles. Book a FREE Career Strategy Call and lets make it happen for you too.