Testimonials for McKinnon Executive Coaching

Carol P.

Maureen is an incredible coach! I was at a crossroad, considering my options and looking for something more meaningful to do. Enter Maureen, armed with a set of tools, worksheets and questionnaires. Maureen coached me through the process of discovery and provided the support, inspiration and encouragement to chart a new path.

Nicole D.

I worked with Maureen professionally for about 8 months and continued to seek out her support and guidance well after our contract had ended. Maureen taught me a great deal about leadership, business, and the power of building a connected network. She advised me on many job applications and
interviews, helping me practice and prep. She also counselled me while I was running for President for a small non-profit. I am proud to say that with her support, I was voted President, am now working at a management level running an event venue. I finally feel like I am where I should be.

Jocelyn L.

The results of working with Maureen were amazing! Not only did I increase my confidence in the in-person interviews, but I also turned the tables and started interviewing the employers to ensure if it fit what I wanted. I even got a job offer right away after one of the interviews but turned it down. I understood what I wanted and clearly demonstrated my skills and experience for the positions.

Helen B.

Maureen was the answer I was looking for.
Through working with Maureen, my mindset has completely shifted; whereas before I was tentative and lacked direction, Maureen opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities and have given me the confidence to believe the sky Is the limit. Working with Maureen has been an invaluable experience, and I’m forever grateful too her for her ongoing support and guidance, and for being the catalyst for my journey of self-discovery and growth.”

Kyla H.

Maureen and I met about once a month for 8 months. She provided clear deliverables for our sessions and kept me accountable for my plans. She helped me communicate my strengths and position myself to offer these strengths to reach my career goals. Maureen not only helped me understand my goals but helped me gain the confidence to pursue them. Without guidance and encouragement from Maureen I would not be where I am today.

Joy-Ann L.

The Grey Cup Festival is the largest annual event held in Canada and Maureen took on the role of Manager, Volunteer Orientation & Training for the 700 volunteers. I knew from working with her during the 2011 Grey Cup Festival as the Assistant Manager of Volunteer Services that she “would work her magic.” I have personally witnessed the results she creates from her personal professional network.

Frank N.

Working together we hired over 40+ candidates and the retention rate was over 80%, which for our
industry is stellar.

Marie-Josee B.

“I have worked with Maureen twice, first to help me with understanding my unique abilities, skill set,
experience, accomplishments, as I couldn’t see what I had accomplished. She helped me to discover my talented self which enhanced my confidence. She’s not going to tell you what you should do; she’ll get you to work to figure it out which I find much more powerful.

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